Shau Kei Wan Ming Wah Dai Ha

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Site Coverage  
Parking Ratio
income group Low
Range Heights 9-22
basic project statistics
gross building area 155316
units 3169
population 12676
site area 37811 sq. m
coverage 54.00
parking 0
seniors 0
families w/ children 0
singles/couples 0
other 0
Ming Wah Dai Hacomprises 13 residential blocks completed between 1962 and 1978. It is the oldest existing public housing estate developed by the Hong Kong Housing Society. It was named for Bishop Ronald Owen Hall, one of the founders of Hong Kong Housing Society. Block A was redeveloped in 1978 and it was the only building to be redeveloped in the estate.

Comparing Ming Wah Dai Ha (built in 1970s) and Aldrich Garden (built in 1999), both have similar number of units (around 3000) and housing similar number of population (12000). They are quite different in terms of site coverage: 54% for Ming Wah Dai Hai and Aldrich Garden (23%). Also, the space per person in 1970s is lower than that in 1999. Therefore, the unit size of Ming Wah Dai Ha is around (22-26 sq meter), which is nearly half of the unit size of Aldrich Garden (40-55sq meter).

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