Faubourg Saint Antoine

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Site Coverage  
Parking Ratio n/a
income group Mixed
Range Heights 4-6
basic project statistics
gross building area 309700
units 1361
population 8320
site area 163000 sq. m
coverage 0.00
parking 0
seniors 0
families w/ children 0
singles/couples 0
other 0
Faubourg Saint Antoine dates back from middle ages and was traditionally an artisan district for carpeting and furniture businesses. Most building in the area were built in the 19th and early 20th century (some in the 17th, 18th century) for small furniture workshops. Today, many of these buildings have been transformed into offices, lofts and apartments with storefronts, while some of them remain as furniture workshops.
The buildings here are characteristics of their long back yards, a feature from artisan workshops. For those buildings transformed into apartments, the couryard is usually shared by 8-10 units each floor, and the buildings are usually 4-6 floors in height.

W/N: Rue de la Roquette
E: Rue Keller, Avenue Ledru-Rollin
S: Rue de Charenton

1. POP/Ac and POP/Ha are estimated based on the number of habitable rooms (511 habitable rooms per Ha in the area), assuming each room accomodates one people on average. Habitable room refers to any room in the dwelling unit except for kitchens and bathrooms. However, it is also possible that on average one person occupies more than one habitable room, in that case, the population density would be relatively lower. FAR is estimated based on plot ratio. Dwelling units per Ha, habitable rooms per ha and plot ratio refers to: Firley, Mr Eric, and Caroline Stahl. The Urban Housing Handbook. Wiley, 2009. p.155
2. All photos come from Firley, Mr Eric, and Caroline Stahl. The Urban Housing Handbook. Wiley, 2009. p.275-281, and http://
peter-pho2.blogspot.com/2009/01/rue-du-faubourg-saint-antoine.html, retrieved Aug 24th, 2010
3. Maps come from google map and bing map.