North End, Census Tract 301, Block 1007 - 1960

United States > Boston > North End, Census Tract 301, Block 1007 - 1960

Site Coverage  
Parking Ratio n/a
income group Low
Range Heights 4-7
basic project statistics
gross building area 17400
units 182
population 678
site area 6000 sq. m
coverage 72.00
parking 0
seniors 0
families w/ children 0
singles/couples 0
other 0
Compared North End in the 2000s with that in the 1960s, the architecture almost remains the same. However, the population changed as the neighborhood started to gentrify after the completion of the big dig, which tore down the highway that once seperated north end from the rest of the city. The population density decreased dramatially (by almost 50%), while dwelling unit per acre increased due to subdivisions.

Boundaries equivalent to today’s
N: Hull St.;
E: Salem St.;
S: Sheafe St.;
W: Snow Hill St.

Photo #1: North End in the 1960s, Hanover St.
Photo #2: Hull St. looking east (today)
Photo #3: Intersection of Sheafe St. and Margaret St.(today)

1. All photos and maps (1960s) are from Caminos, Horacio. Urban Dwelling Environments; an Elementary Survey of Settlements for the Study of Design Determinants. Cambridge, Mass: M.I.T. Press, 1969. DU/Ac DU/Ha, POP/Ac, POP/Ha data are estimated from relevant information in “locality segment“ (p.54), assuming the proportionate relationship between Level-A and Level-B in DU/Ha and POP/Ha is the same as today (as of census 2000).

2. Housing Unit and population data is calculated based on DU/Ha, POP/Ha (from the book above) and total area (from google earth pro)

3. Color photos by author