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Site Coverage  
Parking Ratio n/a
income group High
Range Heights 4-6
basic project statistics
gross building area 20
units 12876
population 25354
site area 2668000 sq. m
coverage 0.00
parking 0
seniors 7
families w/ children 18
singles/couples 84
other 0
The South End lies south of the Back Bay, northwest of South Boston, northeast of Roxbury, north of Dorchester, and southwest of Bay Village. Despite the name, it is not directly south of the center of downtown Boston (Census Tract 704-709, 711, 712, 804, 805).
“The neighborhood is built upon a former tidal marsh, a part of a larger project of the filling of Boston’s Back Bay (north and west of Washington Street) and South Bay (south and east of Washington Street), from the 1830s to the 1870s. Fill was brought in by trains from large trenches of gravel excavated in Needham, Massachusetts. The South End was filled and developed first, before the Back Bay which was mostly built after the American Civil War. Nineteenth century technology did not allow for driving steel piles into bedrock and instead a system of submerged timbers provided an understructure for most South End buildings. Recent decreases in underground water levels has caused damage to some wood pilings by exposing them to air. A series of monitoring wells have been drilled and the water level is now checked, and can be adjusted by the introduction of water.” (excerpt from wikipedia)

Data from 2000 Census, including census tract 704 through 709, 711, 712, 804, 805, slightly bigger than the official definition of South End as indicated by the yellow boundary. Seniors are people over 66 years old.

Boston Redevelopment Authority, Report # 576

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