Block 2000, Napoleon Square Apartment, Gulfton

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Site Coverage  
Parking Ratio 115%
income group Medium
Range Heights 2
basic project statistics
gross building area 99256
units 1379
population 6863
site area 144000 sq. m
coverage 34.00
parking 0
seniors 1
families w/ children 56
singles/couples 51
other 0
Gulfton, located in south-west Houston, was rapidly developed during the 1960s and 1970s with 3.2 sq. miles of apartment complexes targeted at young Caucasian individuals working in the oil industry. However, the decline in oil industry and the subsequent job loss in the mid-1980s left many apartments vacant and forced many complexes into foreclosure. To accommodate the change, landlords reduced rents and marketed to Hispanic and immigrant families and Guflton quickly became an immigrant neighborhood. “By 2000 Gulfton was the most densely populated community in Houston, with 71 percent Hispanic residents, including many recent immigrants from Mexico and Central America.” (wiki)
Napoleon Square provides one-to-three-bedroom apartments at a rent ranging from $400 to $600.

North: Gulfton Dr.
East: Renwick Dr.
South: Elm St.
West: Rampant St.

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For population information, The Census 2000 reported a total population in Block 2000 of 4,412. However, according to Rogers, the actual population might be 55% more than the reported population, which approximately amounts to 6,863.

Site specific information is estimated from Google Earth, the calculation of coverage and FAR excludes the outdoor covered parking. The number of parking is counted from bing maps, including only ground parking.

All photos and maps are from Google Map, Bing Map

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