Tract 342, Block Group 1, Coney Island, Brooklyn

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Site Coverage  
Parking Ratio 30.4
income group Low
Range Heights Primary 8-16 Floors, Secondary
basic project statistics
gross building area 111785
units 894
population 2824
site area 77000 sq. m
coverage 21.20
parking 272
seniors 5
families w/ children 57
singles/couples 69
other 0
Census Tract 342 Block Group 1 is mainly composed of “Coney Island I (site 4&5)” – a 4.3-acre New York City Housing Authority public housing development completed in 1974 and the “Sea Park East Housing” (2966 West 28th St) – an affordable housing project built in the 1970s under Mitchell Lama housing program. “Coney Island I (site 4&5)” has 375 units accommodating 1123 residents in one building on the north part of the block group (Source: NYCHA). “Sea Park East Housing” has 307 affordable units. In 2004, Empire State Development Corp (ESDC) - the New York State agency – sold “Sea Park East and West” to Arker Companies and the Related Capital Company, who invested 80 million to refurbish the apartments. The project is supposed to serve the low-income population for another 40 years (Source: http://www.arkercompanies.com/news_19.htm, accessed Nov 23rd, 2010). In addition these apartment buildings –the block group also contains one playground, several parking lots and a small number of older two or three flats.

North: Mermaid Ave;
East: W 25th St.;
South: Surf Ave;
West: W 29TH St.

Demographics information is from Census 2000
Site specifications are estimated from Google Earth
Maps are from Google Map and Bing Map
Photos are from Google Map Street View and http://gis.nyc.gov/nycha/im/wmp.do;jsessionid=5B43862513D65FCAAA90A8396121EE46? Accessed Nov23rd, 2010