Wan Chai

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Site Coverage  
Parking Ratio
income group Mixed
Range Heights 5-19
basic project statistics
gross building area 33820
units 500
population 2000
site area 6059 sq. m
coverage 77.00
parking 0
seniors 0
families w/ children 0
singles/couples 0
other 0
Lee Tung Street is known as the Wedding Card Street by the locals, is located at Wan Chai, Hong Kong. Involved in a project executed by the Urban Renewal Authority (URA), was torn down in December 2007. The demolition is seen by many as an irretrievable detriment to the cultural heritage of Hong Kong. Because of the renewal project, many 5–storey row-houses in the street that built in 1950 were demolished.

The street has been famous for its printing industry for long and Wan Chai was a long time host of the headquarters of the Hong Kong Times, Ta Kung Pao and Wen Wei Pao. In the 1950s, Hong Kong Government gathers print shops in Lee Tung Street between Johnston Road and Queen's Road East. Rumors had it that the purpose is to easily monitor any illegal publication. In any case, the print shops developed their own letters, envelopes and name card. In 1970s, they also produced wedding invitations, lai see, fai chun and other items and became famous in 1980s. Hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong people had visited the shops there to order their wedding cards, name cards and traditional Chinese calendars.